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My Research Essay

Samuel Galizzi da Luz Moreira Catherine Mintler EXPO-1213-1223 Why They Look Like Us. Why do our monsters look like us? Ghosts, werewolves, vampires, and zombies are considered to be the most common monsters from our collective imagination, being in books, plays, movies, and more. Yet, these creatures often could be mistaken for people. The ghost…

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Basics: Doppelgänger and Double Gestalt, conscious and unconscious. Clones, automatons, mannequins, models. Psyche and uncanny, familiar and horror. Portraits and performances, mirrors and subconscious. Stereotype. Progress. Denial and delusion, reality and fabrication. Representation, metaphor, allegory, avatar. Extension, commentary and morals through resemblances. Simulated? Unlikely. Monstrous. An extension. Horror, gothic and epistolary. Unreal. Realistic. Twisted colonialist…

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