Frankenstein’s Creation.

To try to avoid death has been attempted from the beginning of life. We all want to live, and we do all sorts of things to keep living. Frankenstein took a step, an attempt to affect this concept of life at its very core. And what makes Frankenstein so special is that he succeeded. Frankenstein made a living creature we now call his monster. Of course, Frankenstein is terrified of his creation from the moment it opened its eyes, and he regrets ever having made it until their death. But from what Frankenstein’s creature tells us about his life, we can understand that he is not truly a monster the way we think. Jack the Ripper was a monster for murdering several women, but we all know that he was a living human being. And while we can’t say that Frankenstein’s creature is a human, I feel it is right to say that it is a person. He was raised in extreme isolation both physical and psychological, and lived with a distrust to other people that was justified. His conditions were extreme even for a creature of higher durability. This creature did unforgivable things, but they were still a person. They had the same potential we all had to do harm and good. Frankenstein succeeded in making a double of our human condition, we just failed to remember our own faults.

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