In the bible, Jesus meets an ex-grave digger that was possessed by thousands of demons. Because there are so many demons inside this man however, he is incapable of making any decisions, and is kept still. In the Marvel Universe, a boy named David is traumatized at an early age and develops Dissociative Identity Disorder, which combine with his mutant powers to make him Legion. To have a bunch of different desires, hatreds, and feelings inside us is likely a familiar sensation. But in our case we have to remember that they are all just us. These fictional characters don’t tell us that we can have contradictory emotions. That we can hate the people we love and enjoy doing things that make us unhappy. And that there is nothing wrong with feeling like this. We can take our time with this to figure out what we want, separate to how exactly you’re feeling. We’re not possessed, and even if we did have dissociative identity disorder, we’d still be ourselves in total. So accept the opposites and move from there. Don’t hate your anger or push away from your darker thoughts, see that they are there and decide what you want because of them. And I’m not telling you to just do terrible things because you might like it, to the contrary if you see that you’d enjoy something bad, think about why. Get a therapist to help if you’re having trouble with that because that’s also what they do for a living. David probably needed a therapist, and Legion needed to be free.

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