My Research Essay

Samuel Galizzi da Luz Moreira Catherine Mintler EXPO-1213-1223 Why They Look Like Us. Why do our monsters look like us? Ghosts, werewolves, vampires, and zombies are considered to be the most common monsters from our collective imagination, being in books, plays, movies, and more. Yet, these creatures often could be mistaken for people. The ghostContinue reading “My Research Essay”

Word Cloud

Basics: Doppelgänger and Double Gestalt, conscious and unconscious. Clones, automatons, mannequins, models. Psyche and uncanny, familiar and horror. Portraits and performances, mirrors and subconscious. Stereotype. Progress. Denial and delusion, reality and fabrication. Representation, metaphor, allegory, avatar. Extension, commentary and morals through resemblances. Simulated? Unlikely. Monstrous. An extension. Horror, gothic and epistolary. Unreal. Realistic. Twisted colonialistContinue reading “Word Cloud”

Real Doppelgangers

Scott Kelly was a man who spent a year in a space station at the Earths orbit. What was extra interesting was that he had a twin brother, Mark. The two continue to look identical, even though the laws of relativity now dictate that one is now older than the other. The only truly outstandingContinue reading “Real Doppelgangers”


In the bible, Jesus meets an ex-grave digger that was possessed by thousands of demons. Because there are so many demons inside this man however, he is incapable of making any decisions, and is kept still. In the Marvel Universe, a boy named David is traumatized at an early age and develops Dissociative Identity Disorder,Continue reading “Legion”

History Repeating Itself

Throughout our lives, things change but bare familiar. Like a son resembling the father, people are born, grow afraid to die, but die anyways. People fight over something new, we miss a past we embellish. Catastrophes strike and things we made end. We fall in love with people we know, and start to make decisionsContinue reading “History Repeating Itself”

Adventure Time

The popular cartoon adventure time has many doubles so I’m gonna try and knock em out as many as I can: Finn and Fern: Finn Murtens, the protagonist of the show has himself be imbued into a sword, so that it can truly be an extension of himself. But when a cursed plant imbues itselfContinue reading “Adventure Time”


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